Port of Mariehamn

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Mariehamn, Aland, Finland)

There is only one main ferry operator running services from Mariehamn and the Port of Langnas, the Isle of Man.

Viking Line Ferry Company operates the available routes from both the Port of Mariehamn and the Port of Langnas on Aland.

Viking Line Ferry Company

Viking Line started operating its first ferry services in 1959, when the S/S Viking began navigating between mainland Finland, Sweden and the Aland Islands. Today Viking Line operates a fleet of seven ships, which navigate between mainland Finland, Sweden and Aland as well as between Finnish ports and ports in the Baltic countries. Services include passenger sailings, recreation and freight carrier operations.

Each of the Viking Line ferries provides outstanding onboard facilities. The Ms/Mariella boasts two newly opened restaurants, a conference facility, information desk, duty-free shop, perfume shop, a variety of comfortable well-equipped cabins and entertainment spaces such as a disco, pub, bar, night club and a casino-bar. The craft can accommodate 2,500 passengers and 430 vehicles.

The M/s Alandsfärjan was built in 1972. The ship is capable of carrying 963 passengers and 180 cars. Onboard amenities include a buffet restaurant, café, sundeck, bar & pub, fragrance shop, tax-free shop and information counter.

The M/s Cinderella is the company's largest craft and can accommodate 2,560 passengers and has space for 100 cars. The vessel was built in 1989 and has 2,500 cabins. Onboard facilities include the three-storey nightclub, a panoramic elevator, and the exciting Wonderland for kids. Other amenities are similar to those on the other crafts.

Mariehamn Port

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